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If you have setup a second factor authentication, you will be asked to authenticate for the second time through a different channel. Below is an example of Google Authentication supported by Binance exchange.

imageThen, you can select one of the available cryptocurrencies and set up a plan for automatic purchases. For example, you could choose to invest 100 USDT into BTC on the 1st day of every month at 5 PM. Here’s what that would look like:

While most other algorithm development tools are either too complex for anyone but a computer programmer to use or too simple to be useful, 3Commas has perfected our interface so that it is the absolute best option on the market for users from all backgrounds and levels of experience.

The 24 hr chart shows the price movement across the past 24 hours up till now. The intersection of these is often a turning point in a short term trend. This is overlaid with the previous 24 hour period.

There are 2 options to copy your account address(in hex form): Option1) Copy - this will copy the address for pasting it to a message or email. Option2) Share - this will copy the address and give you an option to share it through a SNS app of choice if installed on your phone.

It does not matter if it is just a slice, or a whole pizza, or more. As a yearly celebration of the first moment in history that a purchase was made using Bitcoin it is customary to: eat pizza! If it is homemade, store-bought, or delivered. Keeping to the original concept, die-hard enthusiasts will make sure that the pizza is paid for with Bitcoin. This happens on the 22nd of May, the date that the first thing (pizza) was bought using bitcoin.

Instead of having to worry if the asset you’re buying is currently overpriced or bitcoin underpriced, a DCA strategy gives you more peace of mind and a steady plan to stick to. The idea behind dollar-cost averaging is to reduce the impact of price volatility on your investment, protecting you from a scenario where you make a large lump-sum investment into an asset that then proceeds to crash in price.

Binance often iterates and improves upon its own products, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see additional options being implemented in the future. However, Binance could improve the Auto-Invest and Portfolio Plan features even further by adding support for a larger selection of crypto assets and making it possible to automatically stop a program after a set amount of purchases.

As the cryptocurrency space matures and different blockchain platforms start supporting real use-cases, diversification is becoming an increasingly important consideration for crypto investors. Here’s a selection of the cryptocurrencies that are currently supported by the Portfolio Plan feature: The Portfolio Plan feature on Binance lets you build up a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio with dollar-cost averaging.

Currently, the mining reward is 6.25 BTC per block. Bitcoin halving refers to an event that occurs every four years where Bitcoin mining rewards are reduced by half. However, it will reduce to 3.125 BTC in the next bitcoin halving expected to occur in the Spring of 2024.

Timestamp – A piece of information that references the time that the block was created. Version – The version number of the Bitcoin software. Nonce – The variable that is used in the proof of work mining process. Previous block hash – A reference to the hash of the previous block that was included on the blockchain. Merkle Root – A representative hash of all transactions that are included in the candidate block. Target – The target hash threshold, this block’s header hash must be less than or equal to the target hash that has been set by the network.

For btc example, if the rate at which valid hashes are being discovered on the network increases, then the network target hash value will be lowered. Conversely, if there is a decrease in the rate of correct hashes being discovered, then the network target hash value will increase in order to enlarge the number of valid hash values that can be found. This has the effect of reducing the number of valid hashes that are capable of being discovered.

It is known for its low trading fees and low spreads, making it an especially popular exchange for high-activity and algorithmic crypto traders. It is one of the top crypto exchanges for trading Bitcoin, and also has a large range of altcoins available for trading. Binance is a newer exchange that has achieved a high degree of popularity over its short existence.

Just like with regular Auto-Invest, BNB the cryptocurrencies that are automatically purchased through Portfolio Plans are deployed in Flexible Savings on Binance to earn passive income. The only exception here is BNB, which is used to generate yield in the BNB Vault. This won’t result in any headaches, as the cryptocurrencies can be instantly withdrawn at any time.

It’ll start an enormous bull market and lead BTC prices to as high as $500,000. Pavel believes this trend will continue onwards and until 2025, Bitcoin will have replaced gold as a global reserve asset.

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