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imageMark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, said his firm expects home prices to sink in key competitive markets that are the most ‘juiced’ or overvalued. ‘Fewer people are getting mortgages, homes are sitting on the market for longer and some sellers are cutting prices,’ Channel said." Rising interest rates ‘have already caused the housing market to slow down,’ Lending Tree senior economist Jacob Channel told The Post. "The scorching pandemic-era US housing market is on the verge of a ‘coast to coast’ price correction as the Federal Reserve hikes interest rates, a prominent economist warned this week.

Bitcoin Cash has attracted attention in the crypto market due to its surge in price from USD 200 to over USD 900. Bitcoin Cash, or BCH, is a cryptocurrency that was created in August 2017 and designed to be a faster and cheaper alternative to Bitcoin.

"‘Some sellers are calling us to list their house out of panic thinking the market is going to crash,’ said Talbot Sutter, president of Sutter and Nugent real estate. ‘But our area is in a bubble where people are coming for so many different reasons that it would have to be a really devastating crash to significantly affect us.'"

Projects like Ethereum are known as Blockchain 2.0 contracts because they allow their users to create and execute smart contracts and develop decentralized apps. A term used to describe cryptocurrency projects that facilitate programmable transactions rather than simply acting as methods to store and transfer value.

We believe that gambling should be fair and transparent for all involved parties! Provably fair is today the only way ensure true fairness and trust making it impossible to manipulate bets and outcomes. The only way to ensure this is using provably fair algorithms thus removing the need to trust a third, and BNB sometimes unknown, source.

Atomic Swaps rely on smart contracts to ensure both parties hold up their end of the agreement. The exchange of one coin or token for another coin or token that takes place without the need for a third party.

The technology powering bitcoin—and all other cryptocurrencies—is called blockchain. Think of blockchain as a gigantic digital database (referred to as the ledger) that stores details of every single bitcoin transaction and distributes them across the internet to computers that are running the Bitcoin software. Every cryptocurrency uses its own specific blockchain. The computers running the software batch transactions together in groups, called "blocks," which are then added to the database or ledger in chronological order, forming a chain using cryptographic functions—hence the terms "blockchain" and "cryptocurrency." The total number of computers running the Bitcoin software (called nodes) is in the tens of thousands.

Every bitcoin transaction also has a so-called network fee. Transaction fees on the core Bitcoin network fluctuate, depending on how congested the network is. This is automatically deducted from the bitcoin sent, and the amount of the fee varies based on a variety of factors.

As a player, it’s always best practice practice to also test and verify the fairness of your bets regularly to ensure further integrity checks. To be a verified operator by us, means that we have evaluated the provably fair algorithm built into these providers platform to be true and fair.

Decentralized means it's not backed, controlled, or owned by any government, central bank, corporation, or other institution. Compare that with a dollar, for bitcoin example, which is backed by the US government and regulated by the US Federal Reserve. Instead, Bitcoin is managed by computer software that anyone with access to the internet can download and use to monitor and verify transactions. Bitcoin, also known as BTC, is the world's first and largest decentralized digital money.

The Stellar network is a decentralized, open-source payment network that miners use to address some of the flaws of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Stellar operates on a decentralized exchange where all transactions are recorded and publicly viewable.

Of the 21 million that might eventually exist, there are currently a little over 19 million bitcoin already released, and the rate at which new bitcoin are released gets cut in half approximately every 4 years. It is highly unlikely this cap will be changed due to Bitcoin's software code and how the rules are maintained. According to Bitcoin's current code, there cannot be more than 21 million bitcoin in existence.

Through our processes and strict ideologies, players can know that the operators are running a completely transparent gambling experiences, and operators can not only evaluate their operators and coding, but also benchmark their practices with those industry leaders who are paving the way for the future of online gambling. The Crypto Gambling Foundation prides itself in the verification and promotion of genuine true fair gambling operators.

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